Itatsi is an original word game, based on a genetic algorithm. It resembles draw poker in its combination of skill and chance. Your task is to find words. You must find words and words embedded in words But you must also pick the mother of the next generation, the child most likely to be improved by chance. Each time you pick a child, whether it contains words or not, you are choosing the mother of the next generation. Longer words score higher and Words only score once. Finding a complete word results in a bonus. Weasel War pits you against a computerized opponent. You and Itatsi alternate turns. [Ver. 7.0 Sep 10, 2009]

To avoid eyestrain, make sure you have Cleartype installed. The most legible font for itatsi is Consolas for PC or for Mac.

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Weasel Words Game concept, scoring, coding and design are the intellectual property of James L. Sowder.
All Right Reserved. The trade name itatsi applies to the word game implemented by this web page, and to the underlying concept, the user interface, and the scoring system. This game may not be hosted on any web site without the express permission of the author.
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